The sad part is that I would actually like to read this. I do wonder how he so easily found all these tweets. Did he follow a specific hashtag or did he tirelessly keep up with his Twitter feed? If you do read the article, don’t miss the comments.

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As I said last year, LG is going to be the mobile company to watch this year. By 2015, they should be at the top of their game.

A good article about LGBT history and why we still need to fight for equality. Worth a read if you haven’t already.

It’s always nice when a portion of the computer geek world gets introduced to non-geek people. The reviewer here says that nothing new is learned about Aaron Swartz, but everything about him is found out for people who knew nothing about him.

Confused about Net Neutrality, this article does a very good job explaining it. It’s simple, well written and precise. The best part is that you don’t have to be a computer geek to understand it.

I also have to add that this is yet another bad result of deregulation.

If you’re like me, you use your tablet a lot. Let’s face it, a tablet is great for reading books, watching television or movies in bed and catching up with the news. Since I’m a big Google fan, I use Play Newsstand, Play Books, Play Music and sometimes I even use Hangouts. Hangouts is great for interacting on G+, it’s even decent with SMS/MMS, but it doesn’t allow your phone and tablet to share SMS/MMS. I can’t tell you how often I was on my tablet and heard my phone chime with a text message. My tablet is Wi-Fi only, so it’s not connected to my phone in any way, so I have no choice but to find my phone to see who is texting me, or just wait until I’m done with what I’m doing.

The first couple of times this happened was annoying, the third time made me think that I should learn how to use Tasker to get my text messages sent to my tablet, then I started to see if there was an app that could do this very thing for me. Low and behold, there are several. The one I chose is MySMS.

The basic version of MySMS does everything you need, and you can buy the pro version if you want things that a super text message person might want. It works seamlessly and gives a great SMS/MMS experience. The free version also has all the cool stickers that people seem to enjoy.

All you need to do is install the app on your phone and tablet and you’re done. You’ll also want to set it to be the default app for texting on both devices. If you have Hangouts installed for texting, you’ll want to clear the cache and data on your phone for Hangouts so you don’t have twice the text messages, which can slow down your phone.

In fact, I like MySMS so much that I never think of going back to Hangouts for texting. If Hangouts allowed me to use both devices, I would consider switching back—and I would like to know why Google never thought to add this functionality to Hangouts.

If you’re like me and want to text from both your Tablet and Phone, then give MySMS a try. Get it from the Google Play Store.

It looks like Tesla is taking a tip from Google and changing the way business is done. As refreshing as it is to see this type of approach to business, it’s going to ruffle some feathers and make people who can’t handle change scream,.

ISP are so panicked over not being able to hold the internet hostage that they’ve learned how to lie to get what they want. Know what your ISP is up to and what you can do about it.

It seems as if Netflix is serious when it comes to Net Neutrality. You can use this new tool on Netflix to see if your ISP is slowing down your internet speed. Check it out for yourself and make sure your ISP is giving you what you pay for.

This is one way to get the Nook app on tablets, and hopefully it works to keep B&N alive. Now I hope they don’t stop making the eInk version for those who prefer to read without all that light blaring in their eyes.

Messaging is the social media of the future, which is why Facebook split its messaging portion into its own app and messaging apps have been talked about so much these days. It’s also why Google started doing some work on Hangouts—I wish they work on more of it, but that’s another story.

One of the things that struck me with this Verge article is how Apple is trying so hard to be exclusive at a time when Google is making its apps available cross platform and Microsoft is moving in the same direction. It’s not so much about the OS but about the services offered. I love Google Play Books and Play Music, so it’s nice to know that these services would be available to me if I did switch to iOS. I know that the chances of me making that switch are next to none, but I like that Google gives me these options.